If you have very little traffic to your Example.WordPress.com site, then you shouldn’t bother forwarding traffic because it’ll cost you a few bucks a year. But, if you have a fair amount of traffic, you will need to follow the steps below to easily forward the traffic:

  1. Buy the upgrade at: https://store.wordpress.com/premium-upgrades/redirect/
  2. Follow WordPress’s instructions at: https://en.support.wordpress.com/site-redirect/

NOTE: There is NO way around this method. I even considered making a custom theme where all pages redirect, and uploading the custom theme to WordPress.com store. But, no new themes are allowed by newbies and if they were then it would still have taken months to get approved – I guess it’s a long process, and most likely it wouldn’t be approved since it would remove a revenue source from WordPress.org.

NOTE: Even if you found a way to upload the theme, it wouldn’t be as efficient as a allowing WordPress to automatically forward the user since they very likely do not load anything before redirecting to the post on the new site

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