Download videos from for using offline. For this tutorial to work, you must have a registered account, otherwise the following will result in the introduction video being downloaded for every single video in the course.

  1. Register for a account
  2. Download Video Download Capture (VDC) by Apowersoft
  3. Open VDC and ensure Video Detector is on
  4. Download via Method 1: Wrong Way
    NOTE: You really should try this once to avoid a headache later

    1. Go to the main course page and copy the course’s URL
    2. Paste URL into the VDC URL bar and hit enter
    3. After VDC finishes loading all of the video titles in the course, select all titles -> Select Add to Download
    4. After several all titles finish downloading, go play them and notice that every single one is about 3Mb and are actually the introduction video. I discovered this while on a road trip and wasn’t able to watch my courses as I had planned; hence defeating the entire point in downloading the videos!
    5. Cancel the current download batch and delete the videos
  5. Download via Method 2: Quick but Tedious
    NOTE: This method is the fastest but will require your attention the entire time

    1. Go to the main course page
    2. Starting with the first video in the series and ending with the last, select the video under the course playlist; notice that VDC displays a Media File Detected pop-up, which indicates VDC is automatically downloading the video
  6. Download via Method 3: Slow and Automatic
    NOTE: This method is the slowest but doesn’t require much of your attention as it runs in the background

    1. Go to the main course page
    2. Mute your computer
    3. Select the first video and allow to automatically transition to the next video when the current video completes.
    4. Select a higher speed in the media player – at present this is possible in Chrome but not Firefox

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