Terms and Conditions, also know as Terms of Use and Terms of Service, is an agreement between a company and its user-base that addresses topics such as copyright, name use, logo licensing, codes of conduct in comments, product returns for e-commerce sites and so on. For a set of terms to protect you from lawsuits, the language in the terms must address specific features of your site; for this reason, and many others, it is poor judgement to simply “borrow” another online business’s Terms and Conditions. While Terms and Conditions aren’t required by law, your site should include Terms and Conditions because:

  • It’s necessary for SEO since Google requires a site to have a Terms and Conditions to rank highly in the search results
  • It’s required by Google AdSense
  • It builds trust with customers and helps a business remember its legal obligations.

To create Terms and Conditions for FREE, follow the instructions below:

1. Generate Terms and Conditions

Unless you’re a lawyer who specializes in Terms and Conditions law, it’s not worth writing your own Terms and Conditions. Instead, use one of the following sites to generate a Terms and Conditions for little or not cost:

2. Convert the PDF to HTML

Most likely the Terms and Conditions is a PDF and your website should display it as HTML. If so, the Terms and Conditions will need to be converted using the steps outlined below.

Using Adobe Acrobat

  1. Open the TermsAndConditions.pdf
  2. Select File -> Select Save As Other -> Select HTML Web Page -> Save

Using an online tool

  1. Go to http://www.htmlpublish.com/convert-pdf-to-html/
  2. Select Upload a file to Convert … -> Select TermsAndConditions.pdf -> Select Convert
  3. Save the html file after conversion completes

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