In this Android Studio Hello World Example we demonstrate how to create your very first Android app. The app is super simple and prints “Hello World” to the screen. After showing you how to create app, we explain what each component does so that you can get a better understanding of the file structure for Android projects when using Android Studio since it’s different than structures used by other IDEs (e.g. Eclipse).

Before you begin, I highly recommend you download the Android Studio Hello World app from Google Play to see how it looks when you’re done.

Also, if you’re not interested in the tutorial and just want to download the code then scroll to the bottom of the page for different download options.

  • Step 1: Begin at The End


    1. Download the Android Studio Hello World Example App from Google Play
    2. Run the app on your device and play around a little
    3. Determine if this tutorial will be useful to you. If not, scroll around to find another here on HoverDroids

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