Parallax Propeller Microcontroller

Developer Tools

The following tools are useful when developing Parallax Propeller microcontroller projects. The objective is to create a single, comprehensive list so that Parallax Propeller developers can easily locate well-known tools, be reminded of infrequently used tools, or find new and/or better tools. Consequently,  tools are listed even if they fill the same need and include the same functionality as another tool in the list.

If you’d prefer to see just the essential tools, then select tools-parallax-propeller-must-have. When this filter is used, only the tools that are used frequently, and only one tool for a given purpose, will be shown. For example, the Propeller Tool and Brad’s Spin Tool meet the same need, but Brad’s Spin tool is listed as must-have while the Propeller Tool is not. This is because we believe Brad’s Spin Tool (BST) is the superior tool and there’s no reason to write code using both tools at the same time.

  • Brad's Spin Tool (BST)
  • Parallax Serial Terminal
  • Propeller Tool
  • Visual Subst
  • XCTU Serial Terminal