Christopher Sprague
Christopher Sprague

Chris is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of HoverDroids and the Artificially Intelligent Quarterback (AIQB). He’s developed several enjoyable Android apps and games that are published on Google Play along with numerous Android tutorial apps. At present, he’s responsible for all content generated on and all of the coding – from WordPress to Android.

In addition to developing software, Chris has extensive experience with CAD, electronics, network infrastructure, power systems, hardware, and product development. Basically, he enjoys integrating anything and everything.

When he’s not crackin’ out the code, Chris is either tinkering in his workshop, fixing appliances, running the dog, or hanging out with his wife and their cohort.

If you’re interested, Chris’s resume is below – though it might be slightly outdated 😉


B.S. Aerospace Engineering (May 2008)  University of Colorado at Boulder

B.S. Applied Mathematics Engineering (May 2008)  University of Colorado at Boulder

Work Experience

Founder, Hoverdroids   01/2014-present

Founder/Chief Engineer, Artificially Intelligent Quarterback(tm)  09/2012-01/2014

  • Developed a robot that tracks a football receiver, throws him a ball, and creates a training regimen using historic data
  • Developed client-side Android application that used low-level networking to control the robot and acquire user input
  • Developed robot-side Android application that stored data while off-grid and synchronized with cloud-based server when on-grid
  • Developed cloud-based Google App Engine application that synched with robot-side Android application, stored historic data and created training regimens for players
  • Extensively used Eclipse, Git and Bitbucket for project backup/restore, collaboration, and bug tracking
  • Designed, prototyped, and tested power distribution system, electronics, hardware, and low-level network infrastructure
  • Lead machinist, assembler, and fabricator
  • Wrote business plan and product requirements

System Engineer/Test Engineer, Lockheed Martin   10/2010-09/2012

  • Lead engineer of Navigation/Timing subsystem
  • Lead hardware engineer for servers, workstations, and networking infrastructure of Common Services subsystem
  • Lead integrator, hardware engineer, network engineer, and power infrastructure engineer of System Integration Lab
  • Designed and installed multi-site network and power-distribution architectures for mission equipment
  • Designed vibration, power, and acoustics sensor system for characterizing onboard flight environments
  • Wrote acceptance test procedures, manuals, and training materials
  • Tested aircraft to ground network communication

Teacher, U.S. Peace Corps, Tanzania   08/2008-02/2010

  • Taught mathematics, physics, electronics, and off-grid technologies (cell phones, solar cookers, and solar kits)
  • Created “Takataka mpaka Hela Hela” (Trash to Treasure Club) and “Chama cha Wavumbuzi” (Inventors Club) to teach students how to apply basic electronics skills to their own inventions
  • Communicated with headmasters, village elders, and villagers to identify and solve local challenges
  • Partnered with another volunteer and Tanzanian counterparts to create the first inter-disability conference in Tanzania
  • Gained perspective and improved interpersonal skills by learning Swahili and integrating into a different culture

All-Purpose Clerk, Albertsons LLC   06/2000 – 08/2008

  • Managed Starbucks for a year
  • Developed customer service skills, served customers, managed inventory, and developed lasting relationships with co-workers


Special Recognition Award, Lockheed Martin   04/2012

  • For designing the power-distribution and network architectures for a System Integration Lab and leading the team that built it

Community Presence



Coordinator of Making Money with Android Apps Meetup in Davis