Chris, aka HoverDroid1, first started learning Android in September 2010 while developing a user interface for the Artificially Intelligent Quarterback (AIQB). Over the years he generated a few helpful tutorials on, but he never seriously considered blogging or training Android developers. Interestingly, the few tutorials that were released were fairly popular despite being abandoned and ignored over the years. Noticing that these posts had naturally become so popular that they were in the top 5 in Google Search, Chris decided to use theses posts as the foundation for an improved Android training program and so he founded HoverDroids.

HoverDroids is still a small website but we are now focusing massive amounts of efforts on the site in order to create a full-fledged website that will help Android developers create great apps, get those apps downloaded, and make money in order to live happier lives. We plan on doing this by creating a roadmap that explains every step of the process in a checklist format and where each checklist item links to more information. The objective here is help developers understand where they are in the process and how much further they have to go so that they don’t get stuck coding forever.

Finally, we hope to minimize the noise by condensing information to a bare minimum so that developers aren’t overwhelmed while still providing all relevant information to get the job done quickly. This will be achieved by highlighting the main points and hiding additional information that can be expanded when desired.